Gender disparity in EECS persists

Despite UC Berkeley’s electrical engineering and computer sciences major’s status as one of the world’s most prestigious STEM programs, only 12.4 percent of students in the EECS major at UC Berkeley are female, according to the fall 2013 department census. This is representative of the larger gender disparity in the
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Women more generous than men … you go girls!

Are there gender differences in giving? If you ask a woman student next to you for some help on a test, will they give it to you? Do they give more to the homeless people on Telegraph? A recent study conducted by Berkeley economists suggests that yes, in those situations,
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Anal play for all

Sex on Tuesday

The first time a guy did some back-door probing during sex, I freaked. All I could think about was the potential of things getting very, very messy. When I voiced my concerns, what I got in return was a laugh and a casual “So?” I decided to be open-minded and
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Meritorious applicants left in the dust

Race is just one factor among many issues in college admissions process

Almost 30 years ago, after claiming he had lost a teaching position to a woman of color, Thomas Wood turned his private frustration in to a public crusade in the form of Proposition 209, a California initiative that ultimately abolished affirmative action in education, employment and contracting in the state.
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