Tech is both our scapegoat and savior

Two steps forward

The shining city across the bay is known for its amazing technological feats — brilliant men and women in very tall buildings cranking out apps and gadgets to make our lives more futuristic. As Silicon Valley’s satellite campus, San Francisco has become synonymous with startups and tech culture. And it’s
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Incline Gallery artistically satirizes advice to ‘Stop Being Poor’

As guests entered the Incline Gallery in San Francisco’s Mission District, they were greeted by a portrait of techie Sarah Slocum, self-described hate-crime victim who gained notoriety after getting into an altercation at Molotov’s bar in the Haight-Ashbury district while wearing Google Glass in February. “She’s pretty much representative of
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Is gentrification necessarily a bad thing?

Several blog posts have already been made in response to The Daily Californian’s recent piece, “Breeding the tech elite.” Generally, these responses attacked the article’s author, Libby Rainey, for drawing on and perpetuating stereotypes of “techies” as snobbish, unkempt and socially unaware. And verily, Rainey’s drawing on these stereotypes has
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