Best of Berkeley: Campus 2019

Best building: Berkeley Way West UC Berkeley’s psychology, public health and education departments may have been disappointed to have to pack up their old offices when, in 2018, they were told they’d be moving to the new building on Berkeley Way. Little did these faculty and staff members know that
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Craving violence is human

Growing Pains

After arriving at my friend’s house and talking about pure nothingness for a few minutes, it became clear that we were bored and needed something more than each other’s company to have a good time. She suggested we play some video games, which I happily agreed to — “Mario Kart”
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A new Orwellian animal farm

As the NSA surveillance scandal surges onward, it’s safe to say a degree of Orwellian political skepticism is necessary to accurately examine American society — especially in the operation of its food industry. In 1946, Orwell proclaimed, “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” Indeed,
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