Students with disabilities tout hybrid education, push for inclusion in administrative discourse

Photo of DSP Student Center
Can Jozef Saul/Staff
Many UC Berkeley students with disabilities shed light on their concerns and struggles with the in-person instruction. These students are pushing for a hybrid option and a voice in campus administrative decisions.

In a time of unknowns and uncertainties, many students with disabilities desire hybrid instruction, not as an accommodation, but rather as a matter of ensuring public health.
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Celebrating (dis)abilities in the workplace

Disabled faculty and staff speak on challenges, future steps for disability accommodations in employment

In the first lecture, Pineda lost no time in frankly discussing his disability with the class. A neuromuscular condition means he has weak muscles, and needs a wheelchair for mobility and a machine to help him breathe. He needs a personal assistant with him at all times to help him with daily living tasks.
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