Richard Illgen announces candidacy for Berkeley City Council

Photo of Richard Illgen
richard illgen/Courtesy
Berkeley City Council candidate Richard Illgen hopes to promote affordable housing, Berkeley Police Department reform and wildfire preparedness as the District 6 representative.

After witnessing the “Ghost Ship” warehouse fire in 2016, Berkeley City Council candidate and social justice attorney Richard Illgen knows the tragedies a fire can induce and hopes to mitigate fire risk as the District 6 representative.
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Ghost Ship warehouse fire defendants granted plea deal

At the sentencing set for Aug. 8, Almena, who rented the warehouse, will be sentenced with 12 years — nine in custody and three on mandatory supervision. Harris, Ghost Ship’s creative director, will be sentenced with 10 years — six in custody and four supervised — according to Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Teresa Drenick.
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