Golden bears or golden ghosts?

The spirits have risen from behind Moses Hall, the monsters are crawling out of the basement of Sproul Hall and all of Nicholas Dirks’ dirty laundry is being slowly discovered in the secret tunnels underneath Wheeler Hall’s auditorium. Halloween is the time when all of our school’s hidden horrors come
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Editor’s note: Halloween issue 2016

Ah, Halloween is in the air. The leaves are changing, the rain is falling and the ghosts are reemerging from the depths of Main Stacks. Though our noses are still grazing the pages of our course readers, because it seems everybody has a paper due or midterm on Halloween this year
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Conspiracy theories on the Stern Hall fire alarms

In case you didn’t hear, the girls at Stern Hall were recently victims of five fire alarms in just a few days. Apart from one mandatory alarm, the rest were unexpected and mysterious. And, of course, they all happened in the late evenings and early mornings — so everyone was
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The Invisible Audience

A writer explores the journal of a 19th century UC Berkeley student

I read somewhere that spirits who don’t leave our world are in a state of distress. They are usually dissatisfied with something or feel that they have an unfinished task they are responsible for — and therefore cannot leave until it is complete. So I cannot help but wonder what
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Campus ghost stories to spook up your Halloween

When a school has been around as long as UC Berkeley has, there are bound to be rumors and urban legends surrounding certain locations on campus. Now that Halloween is upon us, it seems only right for the Daily Clog to unearth some of the creepiest stories that have supposedly taken place
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The gospel of Snapchat

Millennial Meltdown

I’m no ghost expert. Nor do I imagine, based on the drawing of the ghost on the application icon, is Snapchat. But I would hazard to guess that ghosts are either invisible or, on the whole, fairly inconspicuous.
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