Dear governor: It’s your last term, make it count

Dear Gov. Brown, Congratulations. Being governor of one of the largest and the most populated states in the nation, one with a rich history of leading the way in countless policy issues, is no easy task. Although we seem to have survived the worst of the recession, neither economists nor
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Politically Occupied: a recap of the past year’s political events at UC Berkeley

A look back at a busy year of protests and activism on campus and beyond

For a university that has protesting in its DNA, tensions understandably flared over rising tuition costs, affirmative action and the Occupy Movement, as well as police presence on campus following a large protest in November 2011. While it’s impossible to predict the future, we can look back at events that
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Faculty members, researchers disagree on Albany encampment

ALBANY, Calif. — Although several UC Berkeley faculty members have expressed support for the encampment on UC-owned land in Albany, researchers who use the land said they are not able to start work due to the occupation. In an open letter to the Albany community, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
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Take back the tract

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Occupy protesters farming on the Gill Tract in Albany have a promising, attainable goal. Administrators should listen.

The greatest accomplishments often flourish from the smallest, most radical beginnings. A continued protest on University of California research land in Albany presents an opportune moment for productive change in the local community. Occupy demonstrators set up an encampment Sunday on a UC Berkeley-administered research plot in Albany known as
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Albany encampment disputes claims of poor sanitation

ALBANY, Calif. — Since protesters first took over UC-owned land in Albany Sunday afternoon, they have made the space their own, setting up a composting toilet, a kitchen that serves food donated by local community members, chickens in portable coops and a beehive. While campus administration has expressed concern about
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Albany encampment could be forced out by lack of resources

ALBANY, Calif. — Though UCPD had not yet interfered with the encampment on UC-owned farmland in Albany as of Tuesday evening, the protesters may be forced away from their occupation by dwindling resources. While some of the occupiers — who broke into the property, farmed it and established a camp
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