Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends with bulldozer pushing animals and plants off the edge

Where Civilization Ends: A poem

Disclaimer: The following poem is a parody of Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”   There is a place where civilization ends And the hills no longer roll, only streets that sting, And there the cement suffocates sweet wild And the sun seeks revenge with scorching revile And there is
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Students holding signs that read "We support the Green New Deal" and "Green is Clean" and surrounded by trees

Older generations must support youth climate action

We will inherit a planet that is crumbling, has unsustainable infrastructure and is reliant on fossil fuels, yet we have driven and will continue to drive the climate conversation from a political standstill toward concrete change and environmental betterment.
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Hydrogen powered car with fossil fuel powered cars on a road

California must lead transition to hydrogen-based energy

Earth’s alarm bells are ringing! Greenhouse gases are increasing. Glaciers are disappearing. And the Arctic regions are melting away. Much of the world is suffering from foul air, prolonged droughts, severe hurricanes and oil spills. Meanwhile, the world’s leading climate scientists have issued a report through the United Nations’ Intergovernmental
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Person filling up on gas, thinking "Should I really use up fossil fuels?"

California needs to add eco-labels to gas pumps

As the climate change crisis deepens, there remains an urgent call for clearer and more direct measures that address it. In finding solutions to California’s largest source of emissions, California drivers will need better information. To help drivers more fully comprehend the climate crisis and, most importantly, tackle their own
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