How deadly is FOMO?

Anna Vignet/File

FOMO, formally known as “fear of missing out,” is an epidemic that has swept the youth of the United States and has had particularly devastating effects on college students. This fear frequently kicks in when an individual finally begins the process of acknowledging that they are, in fact, in college to
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Quiz: Which night of the week should you go out?

Going out is a vicious cycle. It usually starts with a throbbing headache and repeated voices in your head saying, “You are NEVER going out again you stupid minx.” Then, 8 p.m. rolls around and all of a sudden, your friends’ eyelashes are being quickly painted and some little demon
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A Guide to Modern Dating

I’m not saying I’m an expert on love, but I have had the sex at least once, give or take. So it’s not surprising that my friends are always pestering me, “How’d you even do that?” Until now, I’ve kept my techniques a secret. But because it can get awfully
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