Jack of all trades

Off the Beat

As is typical of the overachiever burnout, I have a habit of abandoning activities, both big and small, if I am not immediately good at them. 
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Quick and easy ways to clean out your closet

While stuffing as many clothes as possible into your suitcase seemed like a good idea at the time (aka the night before you had to move in), now that you’re here in Berkeley, having every shirt you own seems kind of unnecessary. When will you ever need to wear your UCLA sweatpants again?
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Banking goodwill

Broke in Berkeley

“BART’s going on strike.” I got the news first from Twitter. “Well, we’re screwed,” my roommate said. His boyfriend piped up reassuringly. “We can make it work. We need to make a plan.” My tribe of roommates sat down last week to figure out a strategy. Our apartment is in
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The high-waisted controversy

Now that summer’s here, a “sun’s out, thighs out” mentality is developing in Berkeley. For male students, this means shorts are getting shorter and jean cutoffs are popping up like hipsters at a bike party. But while men’s shorts are creeping up the thighs, women’s are climbing up the hips.
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Pet shop may occupy planned Goodwill

After failed negotiations with the landlord and resistance from the business community over the opening of a Goodwill store on Solano Avenue, plans are in the works to instead bring a Pet Food Express in its place. The Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay store — which would have
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