So what about ethiCS?

git reset

Ethics should not be a reactionary consideration after something cataclysmic like misclassifying a dark-skinned person as a gorilla.
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Not your unicorn

Cracking the Code Ceiling

I don’t want to be rare. I don’t be want to be tokenized, valued to a heightened degree and put on a pedestal because of aspects of my identity I was born with or because of the ways I challenge expectations in my field.
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How to be an #influencer at UC Berkeley

How do you rack up the influence you need to become an #influencer, especially at a school like UC Berkeley where it takes true willpower to be influenced (except when it comes to succumbing to buying AirPods)? Luckily, we at the Clog have your answer.
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Out of the box: A personal essay

I am challenged daily by a world where it is popular to hate. A world where people define themselves in opposition to others. A world where people with different ideas are segregated and put into labeled categories, designed to never mix with one another.
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