Falling out of love with hot weather: How to get in a fall mood despite the heat

William Bennett/Staff

The one downside of going to college in beautiful Northern California is that you basically miss out on the most important season — fall. We at the Clog don’t want you to miss out on this essential season, so we want to help you recreate the fall experience that East Coasters and other Americans living in a place with real weather get to enjoy.
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Which throwback show should you binge watch on Netflix?

Midterms have begun for many of us and the horrors of blue books will continue until finals like an endless season of testing and anxiety. In order to best prepare, many UC Berkeley students have taken “binge watching,” better known as “Netflix and chill,” to a whole new level. Whatever you
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A medium of avoiding reality

Salas in solace

I have an addictive personality. It’s nothing too serious. Never drugs, not alcohol. It’s mostly media. Or, more accurately, all media. Television, movies, music and my current vice of choice, video games. I’ll admit it, I’ve almost completely engrossed myself in the modern world of gaming. I’ve played everything from
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