In first budget proposal, Gov. Gavin Newsom shows his commitment to students

STATE ISSUES: Gov. Gavin Newsom set himself apart from his predecessor with his $1.4 billion increase to higher education in his first budget proposal. We just hope this trend continues.

Emily Bi/Staff

Last week, newly-elected Gov. Gavin Newsom released his budget proposal for the next fiscal year — one that includes greater investments in California’s future with a clear commitment to equality. After former governor Jerry Brown’s disappointing last term, it’s refreshing to see that Newsom is already keeping his promises to his constituents.
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News you might have missed over break

During breaks away from Berkeley, it’s easy to miss the news that’s going on at our very own campus. We’ve prepared a list of a few of the most important news events happening over winter break and the end of last semester that students should take note of.
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City of Berkeley exceeds expectations with drought response

At Tuesday’s Berkeley City Council meeting, city staff presented Berkeley’s progress with curtailing water consumption in the midst of worsening drought conditions statewide, finding that the city had exceeded restriction targets set by the East Bay Municipal Utility District last spring.
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Budget approved by UC Regents Wednesday unrealistic, governor says

At its meeting Wednesday, the UC Board of Regents approved the UC’s 2013-2014 budget —  despite objections from Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom that the plan is unrealistic. The plan calls for state funding to the University of California to increase by more than $267 million next
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