Resources to kick-start apartment hunting

The season that’s more stressful than cramming for your midterm in less than 24 hours has come back around. Apartment hunting is a pain, but unless you want to be homeless for the following semester, it’s an inevitable must. We at the Clog have decided to put together a list
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Looking beyond the buildings

Urban Animal

One night last spring, I went hiking with a housemate whom I disliked but who had brought whiskey along. On the way to the Big C, I told him I was living off of coffee, sleeping in class and wearing dirty clothes. For both of us, at some point the
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It’s hard to fall back asleep

Man Under Bridge

I hit snooze too often. Five more minutes of sleep can quickly turn into an hour. Suddenly it’s sunny and I’m running late for everything. Throw on a shirt and some pants, and I’m out the door. The drowsiness lasts for most of the day. I could blame it on anemia,
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