Barbour is on the hot seat

CAMPUS ISSUES: Athletic Director Sandy Barbour has had some success, but her record is marred by academic and on-the-field failures.

Cal football fans finally have some good news: After a season of missed tackles, inept coaching and too many injuries to count, our nightmare is over. Cal’s miserable, one-win season is over. When Athletic Director Sandy Barbour, brought aboard in 2004, hired Sonny Dykes earlier this year  — inking him
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Raising a red flag

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Graduation Success Rate of Cal’s football and basketball teams are entirely unacceptable for a university of our caliber.

UC Berkeley has a distinguished tradition of athletic prowess that includes 84 team national championships. Past, present and future students all revel in wins and wallow in losses — but all take pride in knowing that these student-athletes represent our great institution. But there is a reason why “student” comes
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