Love in conversation

That climactic release I’ve always looked for: This time, we may not be able to manufacture it. But I’m beginning to think that, just like the other kind of blue balls, the anticlimax we feel will dissipate.
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The Spencer doctrine

Confessions of a moderator

According to my doctrine, I must quit my job as admin when this semester ends and I graduate UC Berkeley.
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When the dust settles

Off the Beat

A couple of days after they broke the news to me, I had a big “graduation/going off to college” party. All afternoon, I fielded questions about heading up to San Jose and my plans of being a choir teacher. All afternoon, I lied through my teeth.
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On my own time

I’m so grateful for everyone who has reminded me to value each day, hour and minute. I only wish I had slowed down to spend more time making memories.
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