Report warns Earth may be approaching an environmental tipping point

A group of 22 researchers from around the world are warning of imminent and irreversible changes to the Earth’s biosphere resulting from a combination of human population growth, mass consumption and extensive environmental destruction. The researchers’ report, published Thursday in “Nature” magazine, was headed by Anthony Barnosky, professor of integrative
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Former campus administrator involved in scandal fired

UC Berkeley terminated the employment today of the former campus administrator who used her position to increase the salary of an employee with whom she had a sexual relationship. Diane Leite had been assistant vice chancellor for Research Enterprise Services but was demoted Feb. 17 for violating the university’s policy
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UC Berkeley faculty request investigation of campus official’s pay raise scandal

13 professors want an independent committee to investigate campus official's improper pay raises to boyfriend

A group of UC Berkeley faculty members sent a letter Tuesday to Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer questioning the “surprisingly mild measures” administrators have taken in response to a campus official who gave pay raises to her sexual partner. Former assistant vice chancellor Diane Leite was recently demoted and docked
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