Lipstick-stained screen

All Growns Up

These women challenge the altar of systemic expectations. I know the women whose red kisses leave unwashable stains on the tapestry of society.
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Like ‘The Notebook,’ but without the love story part

It was cool at the time

I’ve never been in anything close to a relationship. I’ve never gotten to change my Facebook relationship status. I never had a guaranteed date to a school dance. There was never any “bae<3<3<3” in my phone contacts. It’s not that I was never given the opportunity. I could get just
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Clog’s favorite summer movies

We at the Clog have started preparing for the moment when summer officially ends. When we are sitting in our classrooms staring outside at grey skies, the summer blues may be too strong to fight off without a little help. That’s why we have created this list of quintessential summer movies
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