To members of Greek life at UC Berkeley: Stop perpetuating sexual violence

CAMPUS ISSUES: By mocking sexual violence protesters, fraternity members at UC Berkeley conveyed a level of disregard that is appalling but not surprising.

Kelly Baird/File

Content warning: Sexual violence On Saturday, members of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, or Fiji, in Berkeley stood around individuals protesting acts of sexual violence and assault and jokingly posed for a picture. In doing so, they communicated a level of abject disrespect for survivor narratives that is almost beyond
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ASUC elections need a diversity of candidates

CAMPUS ISSUES: It’s worrying that in this year’s ASUC elections, Student Action is offering only a presidential candidate on its executive slate

Elections in representative democracies require a healthy amount of competition to fully vet candidates and ensure that they will work hard to best represent their constituents. So it’s worrying that in this year’s ASUC elections, one of the campus’s two major political parties, Student Action, is offering only a presidential
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