UC Berkeley class of 2020 graduates in person after pandemic delay

Photo of UC Berkeley commencement
Christopher Ying/Staff
After the COVID-19 pandemic delayed in-person graduation ceremonies, UC Berkeley's class of 2020 graduates finally walk the stage.

The class of 2020’s commencement ceremony comes a year and a half later than expected due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. After a survey of the class of 2020 regarding commencement plans, Chancellor Carol Christ announced an in-person ceremony in August in an email from July 2.
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Playlist to get you pumped for fall semester

With the fall semester quickly approaching and the last weeks of summer winding down, we at the Clog thought that we would create a playlist to get you feeling excited for the semester to come. Because many people listen to their music through Spotify, we thought we’d only pick songs that are available on it (and FYI student subscriptions are only $5 a month!). So sit back, relax and enjoy some hits that will get you in the back-to-school mood.
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The dark underbelly of Berkeley cliches

You don’t even have to tell us, we already know. You drink Pabst Blue Ribbon out of a yogurt container, you think Judith Butler is the 21st century Gandhi (which, let’s be real, is kind of true), and you’re shocked to learn that other schools use Scantrons for their philosophy
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