Cal Performances staff involuntarily laid off for fall semester

Photo of UC Berkeley Zellerbach Hall
Sunny Shen/Senior Staff
Twenty Cal Performances staff members have been involuntarily laid off due to budget shortfalls caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the layoffs are meant to be temporary, there is no definite date for when the layoffs will cease.

While campus leadership previously released voluntary workforce actions for faculty and staff in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Cal Performances staff members have been involuntarily laid off.
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Playlist to get you pumped for fall semester

With the fall semester quickly approaching and the last weeks of summer winding down, we at the Clog thought that we would create a playlist to get you feeling excited for the semester to come. Because many people listen to their music through Spotify, we thought we’d only pick songs that are available on it (and FYI student subscriptions are only $5 a month!). So sit back, relax and enjoy some hits that will get you in the back-to-school mood.
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The dark underbelly of Berkeley cliches

You don’t even have to tell us, we already know. You drink Pabst Blue Ribbon out of a yogurt container, you think Judith Butler is the 21st century Gandhi (which, let’s be real, is kind of true), and you’re shocked to learn that other schools use Scantrons for their philosophy
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Pentatonix pleases with a cappella anthems at Greek Theatre

Before a viral video gets to the viewer, the clips are extensively edited, color-corrected and oftentimes auto-tuned to perfection prior to launching into the web for the world to see. Though many are doubtful of these online musicians’ ability to deliver on a live stage, superstar a cappella group Pentatonix
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Greek Theater audience swoons for Beirut’s worldly folk

Sure, Beirut’s brand of jet-setting, theatrical folk music may strike some as idyllic — the musical embodiment of an afternoon stroll down the streets of Paris, even. And it doesn’t help that the band’s catapult to indie fame was a one-off sidewalk performance in Paris. But Beirut’s set at the
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