It’s all Greek to you


It has happened so many times that it feels like a single, repeated memory. I’ll be walking back from discussion or dance practice with a new classmate or teammate also heading east up Channing Way. As we reach an intersection, I stop her from turning down the street without me.
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Summer Rites of the Delta Upsilons

Last spring, my friend and I made the decision to dwell among the Delta Upsilons during the summer. When initiated, we prepared ourselves for a foreign living experience. Located on the south side of town, the Delta Upsilon tribe, Greek letters ΔΥ, is an all-male group that resides between the
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Can Greek life survive?

During the first week of spring semester — “Welcome Week,” as it’s popularly known — the women of the Panhellenic community at UC Berkeley were forbidden by the presidents of their sororities from attending parties at unaffiliated fraternities and at the apartments at 2722 Bancroft Way, which previously housed Sigma
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