Roll of film with scenes from Oscar nominated movies

Quiz: Which 2019 Best Picture nominee are you?

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, the question that immediately comes to mind is: have you even watched any of the nominated films yet? We at the Clog have the perfect quiz to help you find out which best picture nominee is the ideal match for you.
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The best excuses to get out of finals

As finals season rapidly approaches, many of us are beginning to realize the harsh reality of the many hours of testing that lie ahead. Luckily, these finals are totally optional since we at the Clog have plenty of valid and foolproof excuses to get out of those tests that we’re all dreading.
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A breakdown of your semester in shopping lists

As students at UC Berkeley, we are used to experiencing either extreme highs or extreme lows — in fact, these fluctuations in things like stress, mood and amount of sleep are so predictable they can be accurately plotted on a timeline of a typical UC Berkeley student’s semester. Today, we at the Clog
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