Anger was never the answer

Off the Beat

I don’t know, when my Mom was my age, what kept her up at night, what her favorite dance moves were, what her pet peeves were, what her worldview was.
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Studying abroad or staying local

I realized that my obsession with globetrotting did not necessarily stem from a need to explore new locations, but a need to continuously challenge myself and expand my worldview. By fleshing this out, I was able to separate my experiences from the destinations themselves.
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Globalizing the Renaissance

Promises of new relationships, wild parties, and the legendary cacao drew us like unstable electrons to the energetic hub of a music festival beside Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.
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Daily Cal Abroad

Studying abroad is a sure-fire way of enriching your college experience and expanding your horizons. Below are some shots of Daily Cal staff members enjoying their own times abroad!
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Embrace the Berkeley

Lost in Confusion

Let the Berkeley in, people. Say “hello” to it, make it a nice appletini with a raspberry twist, write it mushy love letters, play “All You Need Is Love” on the Campanile’s bells for it, rub Kraft Mac and Cheese all over it and give it a nice juicy smooch.
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Invest internationally to end nation’s border crisis

Right now, the vast majority of Guatemalan parents have no other choice. They can watch their children languish in poverty or send them to the United States, where they can make as much in an hour as their entire family earns in a day. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Investment in international programs that increase access to education and give youth the ability to thrive despite limited resources can reverse this exodus.
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