Let’s talk about quotas

CITY AFFAIRS: The city should work harder to hear local business input when making vital decisions on where businesses can operate.

Berkeley City Council made the right decision Tuesday in choosing to defer a vote that could determine whether and where certain businesses can operate on Telegraph Avenue. Before the vote is taken, the city needs to do more to involve the area’s business owners in this important discussion, which could
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Table for one, please

Don’t worry,” I told the cashier as I tried to stop the blood flowing from my nose. “I’m used to this.” He gave me a puzzled look before gesturing to the restaurant’s kitchen and telling me to wash my hands there when I was ready. The nosebleed — which conveniently
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Best of Berkeley: Best Restaurants

Best Restaurant: Chez Panisse Whether you’re climbing the wooden steps to the treehouselike cafe, or stepping into the elegant yet modest dining room below, Chez Panisse will provide you a meal to remember. With a constantly changing menu of organic, locally-grown ingredients, the historical restaurant tucked inside the Gourmet Ghetto
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