‘Cause she wakes up in the morning

You Are What You Habituate

The day ahead can be whatever I want to create of it. I can imagine how the day might unfold while sitting back in my chair calmly eating my bowl of cereal or morning spinach, not yet feeling the pressures of productivity.
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Tove Lo performs her sexuality at Fox Theater

Tove Lo is undeniably a pop artist. Lyrical specificity may have ushered her into the spotlight, but Wednesday night at the Fox, she let the sound and show of her albums take over in a true celebration of the abstraction in pop music. Poppiness oozed from every decision she made,
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UC Berkeley commuting customs

Let’s face it — no matter where you come from, whether there are running functional buses in your town or everyone travels by personal taxis, when you come to Berkeley, there’s no way you’ll survive without taking public transportation. The 51B bus and BART are integral to our lives as
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Things you learn about yourself by living with a roommate

Living with a roommate can be tough. It can be stressful and draining and difficult, especially when operating under busy schedules, multiple time commitments and conflicting hours. But it can also be a great learning experience. It teaches you the good and bad things about yourself, your habits, your pet peeves
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Top ramen wishes and taco night dreams

Broke in Berkeley

Corn tortillas were being warmed over an open gas burner, perfuming the kitchen with that taco night scent. A simmering pan bubbled and spat, and I spotted a mounded bowl of shredded jack cheese. Tomatoes, lettuce and onions were arranged like birthday balloons in bright colors, and bottle of crema
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