Mother knows best

Cutting Room Floor

I knew my lines perfectly, so much that almost two years after I took my last curtain call in patchily applied stage makeup, I’m still struggling not to act them out in college.
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Only half

Cal in Color

When I was seven years old, my white uncle called me a worthless n-word in the middle of an argument. As I sobbed uncontrollably at my grandmother’s feet, I realized that racism can trump family. Being half- Black and half-white, I fall in between two identities. I realized then that
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Comfortable in my hairy skin

In nearly 100-degree weather, I opted to wear dark wash skinny jeans. It brought me straight back to those cringe-worthy days in the PE locker room when I had to put my tight pants back on despite being caressed by sweat. I almost vowed to myself that I would never
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We’re in love with the coco(nut) oil

Coconut oil is a wonderful, versatile food/hair product/lotion/anything else you want must-have staple. We’re sure for many this is old news. For those who have yet to discover the wonders of coconut oil, however, there is good news: It’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon!  Listed below are
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