Love letter for a cannibal

Work in Progress

I’m not a film critic by any means. A quick skim through my Daily Cal author page will quickly let you know that my area of expertise is mostly music and opinions. Yet there is something I know to be a deep truth of the universe: “The Silence of the Lambs” is the best film ever made.
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Cannibals and Hannibal

Growing Pains

The show raises questions about cannibalism actually being evil; there are a lot of not-so-subtle rationalizations that Hannibal Lecter thinks up to justify his decision to murder and then eat people like it’s no big deal. Eat the rude. Why? Because they’re pigs, apparently, and the best way to deal with the rude is to turn them into filet mignon or chateaubriand or whatever other near-unpronounceable dish that Hannibal feels the need to eat, because he’s clearly incapable of preparing anything that can’t be categorized as high-class food porn.
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