BART employs grazing goats to create firebreaks on right-of-way property

Photo of goats
Jan Canaday/Courtesy
BART is using grazing goats to create firebreaks in its right-of-way property. This will remove dry vegetation and act as an alternative to prescribed burns or herbicides.

For Bill Stewart, a forestry and cooperative extension specialist at UC Berkeley, finding massive herds of goats chomping on dry vegetation in Berkeley has been a regular occurrence for the last 40 years.
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Trailing blazes back: Revisiting the 1923 Berkeley Fire

In Berkeley, there has come to be a sort of timelessness to a smoke-shrouded sky. Though California weather regularly lends a great number of fires to the golden hills during its drier seasons, large-scale infernos are far and between. When they do happen, they are remembered.
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