Forgetting your earbuds: apocalyptic or shameful?

We have all done it. At some point we’ve forgotten the modern day equivalent of the holy grail: our earbuds. In a world where we are always plugged into something, it’s no surprise that this predicament can feel so apocalyptic. Because we attend a school where a walk to campus
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Tuning out the Berkeley Bubble

Cutting Room Floor

While his lips moved to form the word “cunt,” all I could hear through my headphones were J. Cole’s voice rapping “first thing’s first, rest in peace Uncle Phil.” Judging from the man’s furrowed brows and flailing arms, he was probably screaming. Judging from the spit that sprayed my face,
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Clog’s thoughts on the silent disco

You may have heard recently about the silent disco party in celebration of the new Dolores Park in San Francisco this Thursday. Additionally, you may have heard of companies like Silent Storm that are founded on the basis of silent disco events. Like us, you also may have reacted with a
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UC Berkeley student study habits: expectations vs reality

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at Main Stacks or Qualcomm Cafe, trying be productive, but you keep accidentally diving in to a pit of distractions that ultimately leads to hours spent staring at a computer screen with little work to actually show for it. You look around at all of your
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Songs of Sproul: The Soundtrack of Berkeley

What is Berkeley listening to? The Daily Cal captures the soundtrack of Berkeley by asking students on Sproul to show us a song from their playlist. Songs featured: The Love Club – Lorde Where The Story Ends – The Fray Psycho Killer – Talking Heads International (Skrillex Remix) – Chase
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UC Berkeley researchers develop first graphene-based headphones

When UC Berkeley Professor of Physics Alex Zettl arrives at his lab in the morning, he’s never certain that his research assistants are busy at work.

‘I come in and I’ll see them with earphones in and I’ll ask, ‘What are you doing?’ and they will say “I’m just testing the graphene earphones.” But I’m never sure,” Zettl said.
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