How to heal after game day

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, then you survived the first game day of 2017. Although, just because you survived doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re thriving. If you took “Go Beers” a little too seriously last Saturday, fear not! We at the Clog can help you revive yourself after a weekend
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Mental Health Action Plan needs more campus support

UC Berkeley students experience a great sense of pride attending the No. 1 public university in the world, but there is also a lot of stress attached to such titles. Housing is scarce, everything is incredibly expensive and our classes are so hard that we’re jealous of those in the
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Clean eating is ruining my gut

Off the Beat

If you have an Instagram, you know that there are millions of photos out there that make you feel pretty guilty about what you eat. At least that happens to me. My search history has made the app aware of my tendency to look at photos that make me extremely
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Chicken wings: A love story


Some encounters in college stay with you forever. These first meetings become pivotal life moments, fixed centers of space and time that deeply change a part of you. Looking back at the freshman-year hallway hangouts that would eventually wander their way over to Crossroads for Late Night, I can pinpoint
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How to actually avoid midterm sickness

Ah, March — the springtime sun just beginning to warm Memorial Glade, the blossoms beginning to bloom across campus and the booming sound of phlegm-filled coughs punctuating lecture approximately every three and a half minutes. It’s a lovely time of year, really. What’s more magical than the lovely marriage of
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