The human side of war and refugee camps

With the education we receive here at Cal, we are becoming better equipped to help alleviate the health crises affecting those less fortunate than us, such as refugees around the world. Therefore, we must all refuse to become inured to current health conditions around the world and work together to
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Love your body, just not too much!

Not so funny, guise

All of us have those friends who seek advice on whether or not that fourth goldfish cracker should be eaten. And God forbid they end up actually eating that fourth goldfish, worth 2 1/2 calories, leading them to talk about how “fat” they are, leaving you questioning your body as
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Bay to Breakers gives us motivation to get active

As the Clog is well aware, staying in shape isn’t always on top of the priorities list as a student. It’s actually really close to the bottom. Between balancing a full load of classes, other extra-curricular commitments and trying to having at least some kind of social life, how are
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Gary Taubes explains the Nutrition Science Initiative

Health journalist Gary Taubes discusses the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), which he co-founded with Peter Attia, M.D. Taubes says some of the research on nutrition is ambiguous, and that NuSI will determine what is still an open question and help organize new experiments.