Clean eating is ruining my gut

Off the Beat

If you have an Instagram, you know that there are millions of photos out there that make you feel pretty guilty about what you eat. At least that happens to me. My search history has made the app aware of my tendency to look at photos that make me extremely
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Chicken wings: A love story


Some encounters in college stay with you forever. These first meetings become pivotal life moments, fixed centers of space and time that deeply change a part of you. Looking back at the freshman-year hallway hangouts that would eventually wander their way over to Crossroads for Late Night, I can pinpoint
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How to actually avoid midterm sickness

Ah, March — the springtime sun just beginning to warm Memorial Glade, the blossoms beginning to bloom across campus and the booming sound of phlegm-filled coughs punctuating lecture approximately every three and a half minutes. It’s a lovely time of year, really. What’s more magical than the lovely marriage of
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Break-up letter to the midterm-season cold

Dear midterm-season cold, Please leave me alone. I’ve had enough of your selfish ways. You have absolutely zero consideration for me. It’s no matter to you whether I’m deep into a problem set or in the zone while cranking out my history essay. When you want something, you want it now. You
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Metabolism-boosting foods you should try

For healthy weight loss and an all-around healthy lifestyle, a humming metabolism is extremely important. Our metabolism is what converts all the calories we consume into energy, and the faster it is, the more calories we burn. While our metabolism has a lot to do with genetics, there are speculated ways you
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Tips for a healthy holiday season

The holidays are in full swing, so it is totally justified to serenade your roommate with carols and rock out to Pandora’s Michael Buble station while studying in a public place. We can already smell the turkey and sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving dinner. Once Thanksgiving passes, ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” will start
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Refined sugar vs. unrefined sugar

Sugar: We know it’s bad, but we still love it. Almost every single life event is accompanied by a corresponding sugar-filled sidekick. Birthday or wedding? You’ve gotta eat cake. Bad breakup? Eat a tub of ice cream. Great day? Reward yourself with a cupcake. Fall has just arrived? Pull out
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Modified from Barbara Willi under Creative Commons by Sabrina Werts, Senior Staff

A week in events: Oct. 13 to Oct. 19

Finished with midterms and ready to resume that wild life of yours again? Here’s a list of the best events this week. Get your flu shot, welcome the demolition of noisy construction on Sproul and the new ASUC Student Union and watch us — hopefully — beat UCLA at football all
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