Trucking to a new home

CITY AFFAIRS: The new Bancroft Way and College Avenue location for three city food trucks unfairly puts the future of the trucks in limbo.

Three food trucks formerly located in front of Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue, Healthy Heavenly Foods, Kettle Corn Star and Dojo Dog, were dislocated in December as a result of the Lower Sproul renovation project. Healthy Heavenly Foods recently reopened at the new location, while the latter two are still
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Help the food truck owners

CITY AFFAIRS: Food trucks that used to set up in front of Sproul Plaza deserve help from the city and campus to find a new location for business.

The food trucks formerly located in front of Sproul Plaza need the city’s help. The trucks’ owners, who say they signed four-year permits with the city last year, were displaced after being asked to move in December due to construction in Lower Sproul Plaza. Now, one owner estimates losses of
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Healthy Heavenly Foods returns to UC Berkeley campus

Almost two years since Healthy Heavenly Foods left the Bear’s Lair Food Court, the vendor returned to UC Berkeley on four wheels. On Monday, the vendor’s food truck opened its windows to the campus community at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue. In 2010, the vendor left the food court after it rejected
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