photo of columnist Geraldine Ang

Mark my love

Your Secret Admirer

So, our love marks don’t always have to be scars, ugly reminders of love we couldn’t keep. They can also remind us of how that love has become a part of our journey of growth.
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Our song

Kind of chaos

There is a tune that I would have described as “our song” while we were together, but it is entirely inappropriate for a wedding.
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Learning through heartbreak

Off the Beat

I think, in many ways, being in love is a lot like being in college. It is, without a doubt, beautiful, full of opportunities and an experience no one will ever forget. At the same time (and this is what movies and relatives don’t tell you about college or love), they will also cause you more pain than you can imagine.
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Valentines Day’s texts for your exes

St. Valentine’s Day. For some, this is a day filled with romantic love, fine chocolate, blissful tears of joy and anything but saint-like behaviors. For others, such as us as the Clog, V-Day will be an alarming day filled with drinking, sobbing, over-eating and, most significantly, reaching out to our
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