Hieroglyphics: The Kitchen

After a decade of marinating, the hip-hop ensemble releases a beefy new album

Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings/Courtesy

After a decade of studio silence, Oakland-based hip-hop ensemble Hieroglyphics have released The Kitchen, an album that serves up a reminder of why the nine-man group has solidified its presence in the underground hip-hop scene and beyond. Though the album boasts a meaty helping of 17 tracks, each one is
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Goin’ Off: 10 Albums for the hip-hop layman

Ten albums for the hip-hop layman. This list has been my burden, my baby. I’ve carried it for the last month or so. Consider this the document of my labor. It began with a serious debate between me, myself and I and my knowledgeable counsel, who shall remain nameless. The questions
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Sample Sundays: A Farewell Dedication

That’s right, people. If you didn’t read the title (who even reads these days?), this is my sign off. I’m figuratively retiring my jersey, hanging up my cleats, taking off my gloves, unplugging the mic (I may pick one up some day, but for now I’ll continue to spit unintelligible
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Pep Love of Hieroglyphics speaks about new album and real hip-hop

As our economy continues to decay, it’s strange that mainstream hip-hop grows more ostentatious and flashy, whispering into our ears of what we still don’t have. What’s more perplexing is that we listen to these sensational verses preaching to us about fortune and sex as we go through our persistently
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