The year where everything and nothing happens

A letter to myself on January 1, 2020. Dear 17-year-old high school senior, praying-your-SAT-score-is-good-enough Daniella,  Your SAT score will be good enough. Sort of. At this point, you will have submitted all of your college applications, and you’ll have no idea where you’ll end up. To be honest, I think
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First time’s the charm

Sex on Tuesday

For the most part, we probably all want to have sex that feels meaningful rather than quick or empty, and having sex you’re emotionally invested in makes for a better experience on many levels.
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Take a walk: Rediscovering the UC Berkeley campus

What if today, you didn’t care about the uncomfortable eye contact or checking to see if your midterm grade has been posted yet? You might just begin to remember what it was like to walk through UC Berkeley for the first time, and you might just begin to remember what makes this place so unique.
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