You can’t skip this episode

I am currently working with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist to get through this problem, and it distresses me as much as it distresses you that I am unable to motivate myself or put the same care and effort into my studies that I have for my entire life.
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Peace be upon you

How to Muslim for Dummies

My typical week writing for The Daily Californian has pretty much followed the same basic routine this summer. When the day sneaks up for me to submit another article to my editor, I spend a good 80 percent of my time racking my brain for what part of my religion
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Reading Life Closely

My “alternative” teenage eyes roll so hard they almost cut a sunroof into the car. For many former edgy high schoolers, this likely brings back memories.
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An illustration of columnist Annalise Kamegawa.

Annalise: Still a kid

At This Point

Caught in the awe of the day’s events, I couldn’t help but worry that the pieces of this day — the pastel mountains, the van of childhood friends — would be the happiest ones of my life.
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What should you wear to Homecoming 2016?

The homecoming game is an exciting part of the fall semester here at UC Berkeley. Parents, alumni and fans from all over are here to cheer on our Bears, and nothing feels better. For some of you freshmen, you may not know what to expect from homecoming in college. Well
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The reality behind high school reunions

Summer break is the time when you’re able to go home and catch up with your friends face to face. Those long-awaited high school reunions with your OG buddies from back in the day are so exciting. But, truth is, these reunions hold a different meaning for each person. These reunions happen for an
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Close encounters of the awkward kind

Whether you’re back in your hometown or away at an internship, there’s always the off chance that you’ll run into someone from high school. Often, that person is someone you barely even talked to. Such a meeting is understandably awkward. Join us as we explore the uncomfortable stages of unexpectedly
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