Doubling the Pell: A guide for hesitant lawmakers

Illustration of an unsure person faced with a gradually fading staircase of text that reads 'PELL', leading to a graduation cap.
Amanda Tsang/Staff

In 2021, higher education students across the country rallied together to support federal financial aid. The Double the Pell campaign seeks to reverse decades of inaction by Congress through the strengthening and expansion of the Pell Grant. After a year of advocacy, Congressional visits, Twitter storms and support statements, Congress
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Putting up with it

Transfer Talks

Occasionally, though, the jokes became sexual and vulgar. The inappropriate jokes about my body or their body or even customers’ bodies became a normal part of my work day.
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Students in a classroom taking the SAT. One student is asleep with a bag of money on his desk

A systemic failure: It’s time to stop perpetuating elitism in higher education

NATIONAL ISSUES: The college admissions scam was just another instance of oppression in education. Universities must fight harder to make education equitable.

The U.S. Department of Justice exposed the largest known college admissions bribery scheme in United States history. And while the actions brought to light by this investigation are illegal, this scam is symptomatic of a much larger problem of inequity in academia and education.
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