GOP gubernatorial candidate proposes higher education facelift

A trailing California gubernatorial candidate released an extensive plan to overhaul the state’s education system Tuesday, proposing a major expansion of online course offerings and free tuition for students in math and science degree programs statewide, among other initiatives.
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Filling jail cells instead of college classes

The Political Circus

Fellow California residents, you’re paying about $13,000 for tuition. But it’s very possible you could be paying as much as $20,000, because of the drastic cuts the state has been making to education, both higher and K-12. Just a few years ago, when the state passed its 2007-08 budget, higher
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Rising student debt sinks American youth

Student debt is a growing economic and moral crisis. The average U.S. college student today graduates with more than $25,000 in debt, and nationally, unpaid tuition debt approaches $1.2 trillion. That’s trillion with a T. Twelve zeros. Here at UC Berkeley, our tuition has increased 300 percent since 2002, and
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A pointless numbers game

HIGHER EDUCATION: UC Berkeley’s high position in the latest U.S. News and World Report college rankings misrepresents a complicated reality.

While most of the time being told you’re the best at something is an accomplishment to be proud of, it’s hard to be happy about the hollow meaning behind UC Berkeley’s position in the U.S. News and World Report college rankings. Yet again, U.S. News awarded UC Berkeley the distinction
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Scare tactics and webcasts

CAMPUS ISSUES: A university with a top-tier computer science department should not scare or underserve interested students.

This generation of college students faces a set of challenges that is unique to our time, ranging from cultivating an ideal social media presence to padding our resume with enough unpaid internships. On one hand, we are told that we need skills such as programming and an intimate knowledge of
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Mastering California’s ideals

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The move to make UCLA’s full-time MBA program self-supporting is a step backwards for public higher education in California.

By signing off on a proposal to make UCLA’s full-time graduate MBA program self-supporting, UC President Mark Yudof has given up on the dream for the University of California to remain a public university supported by the state. Last month, Yudof approved the UCLA Anderson School of Management’s proposal to
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Better access to community college

I am a believer in the power of community colleges because I am proof that they work. More than 20 years ago, I dropped out of high school, lived in my Volkswagen and attended Santa Barbara City College. At the time, I was homeless but undeterred. My focus in life was
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