Identity Crisis ft. hummus


It’s true that some aspects of cultural or ethnic identity are integral to who you are. I don’t think I would be wholly me if I weren’t Jewish. But I can reference my Judaism and have that serve as one of my key characteristics without making that my sole identifier.
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Religion is not my opiate

Thinking theology

If religion is the opium of the masses, as Karl Marx famously suggested, I’m clearly going to the wrong metaphorical drug dealer.
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A Question of Transparency, Legality, and Accountability

Given his donor’s potential violation of Federal Tax Law in funding his student government campaign and his complete lack of transparency on the issue it is clear that Avi Oved does not uphold the values one would expect from a student leader. Therefore to preserve these values of student government in the UC system, we respectively call upon Avi Oved to immediately withdraw himself from the student regent nomination process.
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UCSA resolution was merely one reaction to bill

Why we should be focusing on HR 35, not the UCSA reaction to it

Over the past few weeks, The Daily Californian has featured half a dozen articles and opinion pieces discussing the UCSA’s resolution to condemn HR 35. However, conversation surrounding this contentious piece of legislation has been obfuscated by focusing on the UCSA’s process and not the contents of HR 35 itself.
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