Quiz: Is your GSI cooler than you?

It may not happen that often, but at some point in our college careers, we may realize that some of our GSIs are way cooler than we are — and possibly cooler than we’ll ever be. It’s slightly saddening to consider that our lameness may be reaffirmed in such a way, but it
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On being a try-hard

Fake Out

Confession: I am a try-hard. I’m not a very good try-hard. I’m definitely not engaging with a particular image or entering a particular scene successfully. Still, I try really hard, and it shows. Urban Dictionary defines the try-hard as “a person who puts a large amount of effort into achieving
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Putting the BOO in books

Millennial Meltdown

So your third-favorite English-major friend walks in and gets in line. He has that look in his eyes that says, “I’m going to order a Blonde Roast coffee and work on my screenplay,” and you happily interrupt that look with a wave.
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‘Love’ in a bus

You have love on your jacket,” said a man next to me. I nod and keep staring out the window. He is a foot taller than me. The canvas coat he wears is stained with grease, and he smells like a gutter. Moments earlier, he said he had served in
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Hipsters for dum-dums

A guide to the plaid-clad plague sweeping through the boroughs of San Francisco

Hipsters suck. They walk like the sidewalk’s a runway, and speak like no one else knows what they’re talking about. Your seemingly typical generational, conforming non-conformists, hipsters don leather belts on jeans already too small for them, and wear turquoise-shell Ray-Bans that annoyingly nuzzle their thick heads. Scrutinize or glorify
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The nostalgic way forward

Nostalgia, I have been taught, is a longing to recreate a lost home. It’s a desire I always feel intensely during my first few weeks back in Berkeley after any time in my hometown. I long for the way the world looks from inside a car — the way buildings
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