Holocaust survivor shares experience for a day of remembrance

Image of Edith and family
Edith Heine/Courtesy
Edith Heine virtually shared her experience living through WWII and the Holocaust during Berkeley’s 18th annual Holocaust Remembrance Day Program. The program was established in honor and remembrance of the survivors, the dead and those who helped Holocaust victims.

Two-year-old Edith Heines watched the blood as it pooled and snaked across the white tiles of her home. Moments earlier, two Gestapo men had kicked down the 400-year old door of her family’s house and brutally tortured the family’s housemate.
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Quentin Tarantino and desensitization to violence

There seems to be a sentiment among moviegoers that cinema presents us with a completely apolitical experience. The word “entertainment” is often thrown around in defense of movies with tenuous moral premises. People say, “It’s mere entertainment,” or, “It’s just fun.” Seen in this light, movies are an escape from
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Seeking the voices of the past

Last year while studying abroad, I met an elderly man in Amsterdam named Rolf. He and his wife, who have both since died, were Holocaust survivors. I mentioned to him that I was staying near the apartment where Anne Frank had been hidden.
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