Accepting my body

Muscle Memories

Although I still struggle to accept my appearance, I’ve learned to stop imagining a hypothetical world in which my body had not been abused by years of prednisone use because that is simply not the reality. I appreciate how far I’ve come with learning to adapt to my ever-changing height and weight.
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Leading from the sidelines

Although the focus of Saturday’s homecoming game may be on the football team, it is also one of the biggest events for the Cal Dance Team. The team has a packed week of homecoming related events — the traditional Thursday night homecoming rally, a noon rally on Sproul Plaza on
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Homecoming Weekend playlist

Cal Fight Song This song is a must-learn so that your parents can look super cool and spirited when they sing it from memory at the football game. Obviously, your first stop should be the student store for Cal Dad and Cal Mom shirts! “Home” – Phillip Phillips You’re finally showing
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