Personal essay: Bloom where you are planted

This place doesn’t come with utilities? Rent only includes garbage collection? I might as well take the garbage out myself. There’s not even a shower door and this is supposedly the “nice” remodeled unit. Plus, it’s small — but everything is going to be small when you are living with
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Berkeley mayoral candidates speak on campus

“City Councilmembers Jesse Arreguin and Laurie Capitelli, who both filed their intent to run for Berkeley mayor, spoke Wednesday during a campus political science class.” Read more at

Laws ensuring sidewalks for all walks of life

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley City Council’s new ordinance will criminalize homelessness against public sentiment rather than address root causes of problem.

A city ordinance on its way to being stamped into law would strictly regulate street behavior and encourage Berkeley’s most vulnerable population to move on to other cities without actually solving homelessness or addressing its diverse causes. On Tuesday, Berkeley City Council passed an amendment to Berkeley regulations called “Improve
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Community members advocate for homeless

“Berkeley City Council voted to approve two contentious amendments to city ordinances that would regulate street behaviors and increase nighttime park policing — ordinances characterized by many as criminalizing homelessness. . . .Before the meeting, a candlelight rally including speeches and singing was held in front of the council chambers,
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