Express bus ride

Theoretical Titillation

I felt as though I was embarking a journey with complete strangers, like we shared something in common that was often overlooked in our rushed daily lives, which we conduct by creating walls of difference rather than bridges of community. For a moment, the anxiety of interacting with strangers was gone.
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Expressions Gallery highlights faces of homeless population

Homelessness leaves thousands to roam the streets without the promise of warm shelter or a meal. This epidemic impacts the masses and threatens the personal identity of those characterized by such a defining term. The multifaceted nature of a particular individual is jeopardized as the person becomes lost in the
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Hopeful on homelessness

CITY AFFAIRS: It’s encouraging that community leaders are considering an ambitious proposal to fight homelessness, despite differences.

Given Mayor Tom Bates and the Berkeley business community’s complicated relationship with the city’s homeless population, Berkeley City Council’s decision to further consider building a new resource and housing center located in the Downtown area for the city’s homeless population is an encouraging development.
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The danger in being too comfortable

Not so funny, guise

It is one of the first things that makes students uncomfortable when moving to Berkeley — the widespread poverty. Encountering this social welfare problem tends to be strange because for the majority of students, this level of poverty is only seen on occasion and probably not seen in our hometowns.
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Letters: March 22

The benefits of being homeless As an alumnus and an occasional Telegraph Avenue and park bum, I would like to commend Jay Scherf for his kind and sensible words (“Homelessness and Telegraph Avenue,” March 15) with regard to the ‘Ave, in response to a column from Ms. Yu, which I
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Letters: March 15

Homelessness and Telegraph Avenue Lynn Yu’s column  (“Talking on Telegraph. Stop,” March 7)  came from a place of such privilege that it rendered the whole article ridiculous. The piece uses the same rhetoric as 19th century British imperial policy. To assume that Telegraph’s ‘potential’ is to gentrify it into some
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Talking on Telegraph. Stop.

Council Watch

Half of politics is talking, and the other half is talking about talking. Unfortunately, discussions about Telegraph Avenue usually fall into the latter category. Mayor Tom Bates hosted a forum last Thursday concerning the revitalization of Telegraph. According to Berkeleyside, plans have been put forth to construct new projects on
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