Veteran in People’s Park speaks about homelessness

Veteran Kelly Johnson speaks about homelessness and his past.Surrounded by a pile of tattered backpacks, Kelly Johnson squints against the sun’s glare as he recollects the years he spent searching for a home. Johnson, 51, is one of the hundreds of homeless veterans that the Obama administration seeks to house
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A compassionate sidewalks proposal

Although Berkeley voters rejected Measure S, a controversial proposal that would have criminalized sitting on commercial sidewalks, we shouldn’t mistake it as an endorsement of inaction. The simple fact still remains: We need to address homelessness. I didn’t support Measure S, but I’m not calling it a day, as many
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Students will finally have a voice

Measure allows students to represent themselves in city

Imagine a student on the City Council, adjudicating and legislating on key issues such as housing, sustainability and development. His or her mandate: Heed students’ voices, bring them to the city government and ensure that students’ needs are finally reflected in city policy. Such a dream may be much closer
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Watching the wave crash

Man Under Bridge

My uncle tends to be contrarian. He relishes being able to play devil’s advocate and goes to great lengths to prove the smallest points — I look up to him. We’ll be sitting around drinking coffee, and I swear to God Atlas is shrugging and Ayn Rand is asking for
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