photo of students studying in the library

Initiation: A poem

Autumn in Berkeley is the bathroom flooding from the rain  And going for a drink anyway Talking about which professors we prefer at the bar   Somehow there’s warmth in the gray sky No heater in a building that’s 200 years old Impostor syndrome fades away when We’re huddled around
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Catching UC Berkeley nostalgia

From mountains or shores, metropolises or small towns, Scandinavia or Asia, UC Berkeley students come from all over the world — you can hear more than 200 different languages on our campus. When summer begins, our friends are just like migrant birds flying back to their own nests, traveling to places
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Unlocking the mystery of Cal student housing

As a brand new freshman standing in the Unit 3 entryway, I had heard every “dormitory horror story” in the book. That summer, everyone from my older cousin in Connecticut to the barista at Starbucks felt the need to recap — in vivid detail — their own first-year experiences in
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