Chumming the water

Miss Communication

At 10 p.m., sitting in one of four mustard-yellow lounge chairs in my living room, I open Grindr. A little green circle pops up at the bottom corner of my profile, indicating that I am online. I had released the bait, chummed the waters, so to speak, and patiently waited
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10 reasons to go on a date with yourself

What is your answer when someone asks, “Who do you love?” Perhaps it’s your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, Netflix or maybe even your couch. But when do you say, “Myself?” With your college life so busy between rushing to classes, office hours, work, clubs and everything else, we often forget that we also need
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Hookup: Double Standards

This is the third installment in a four-part series exploring UC Berkeley’s “hookup culture.” Students’ names have been changed or withheld in order to protect their privacy and encourage honest conversation. When the streets of Berkeley start to come alive on Sunday mornings, with early risers out jogging or vendors
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