UC Berkeley is haunted

Sex on Tuesday

UC Berkeley, the beacon of premier public education, is currently facing its ~spookiest~ epidemic yet. No one feels safe walking home at night, students are constantly looking over their shoulders, and, hot off the heels of Halloween, everyone is on edge. I’ve come to tell you that killer clowns, who
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What a Bolshevik taught me about hookup culture

By the week before spring break, it had become apparent that my recent fling with a tall and charming older friend had reached a quiet end.   There was no formal discussion of this fact. I didn’t expect there to be; to have addressed that something had existed and then
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Back to his place


Friday night found me, as it often does, at a fraternity house. The room smelled like sweat and cheap alcohol, and the floors were sticky with Keystone Light. Across the room from a table littered with empty Solo cups, the two of us swayed our hips next to each other
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Law proposal will increase access to sexual assault justice

STATE ISSUES: Proposed legislation would make it easier for victims of sexual assault to access the support they need and bring their attackers to justice.

Exacerbated by notions of assumed consent in modern ‘hookup culture,’ abundant drug and alcohol use, misunderstandings and malevolence, sexual assault — and university and government authorities’ failure to properly respond to it — has become an epidemic.
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