A fool’s errand

Following sports is a fool’s errand because we continue to hope despite the losses, but hope itself is a fool’s errand because it is belief against the odds.
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Space: The only frontier

Two Steps Forward

I’ve loved science fiction since I learned the phrase. I tore through the Space Odyssey books in middle school, binged on Vonnegut for months on end and fell deeply in love with Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem.” Of course, I was enthralled by the alien landscapes and fancy weaponry, but what captured
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Why I choose journalism

During the second half of my sophomore year, I began to think I wasn’t cut out to be a journalist. I don’t remember what month or even what day of the week it was — all I can recall now is the gray morning. The sun wasn’t shining when, as
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What does it mean to be an American?

Subliminal Signification

One of my favorite shows growing up was “Liberty’s Kids,” an animated series about the American Revolution starring the voices of Walter Cronkite, Billy Crystal and Sylvester Stallone. The selling point of that show, for me, was the theme song, “Through My Own Eyes,” sung by the ever-so-dreamy Aaron Carter
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Hope is the thing that flickers

Tales of Two Cities

“Humanity has become an isolated island among wild waves of discrimination and extremism. On this island live those isolated few, their voices fading in the midst of the roaring cries for vengeance and murder. I’m not optimistic about a population increase on that island anytime soon. But maybe in the
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