April horoscopes for UC Berkeley students

Lucy Tang/File

April is here! What better way to celebrate the end of Mercury in retrograde than a few predictions into what may be coming up for you this month. As some of us are trying to snap out of the lazy hold of spring break, midterms are looking scarier than ever. Here are your horoscopes for April!
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UC Berkeley horoscopes: week of Feb. 26

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Your Type-A brain needs a truly A+ project to occupy your time. No, we don’t mean CS ( because C++ looks more like a grade you don’t want than a language to learn). Instead, take it a little more literally: Count all the letter
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The Barnum effect: why we believe our horoscopes

Have you ever taken a personality test and found the results to be scarily accurate, checked your horoscope and had everything come true or taken a BuzzFeed quiz that told you precisely what your favorite Disney princess means about you? Well, we at the Clog certainly have done so too many
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